David & Claudia
Max & Sam
Justin & Adam
Dear Stan
We had our rough beginnings, but all our hard work and effort has paid off. You have been like a father to me over these past years. I am so proud to be a member of your family. I love and respect you and think that you are the greatest of all.

Happy Birthday



Having known you for 38 years has been an experience. As the youngest I was always the last in the family to have you and Mom to myself. I was by your side most of my childhood days. In Quakertown, At Cornerhouse in Bala, in the car to store visits and by you on the ski lift crying, and on the JANED on the jennys winch and in a raft, I was also lucky enough to be by your side on many overseas trips, In the Midshipman office, west coat skiing trips. And with my kids growing up.

To have a father as driven and charming as you has been a true role model . Your charm, savvy and diligence has had a greet effect on my life. Claudia and I have come to you for advice and you gave it. Other times we didn't want any advice, you gave it anyway.

Your help in my career as a father has been in valuable and I love you for it. At 80 you still lead the pack on many fields. And at 80 you serve as a role model for humans for all ages.

I wish you a happy 80th and at the same time Thank you for all you have done for Claudia and myself, Justin and Adam and your first 2 Tuttleman Grandsons, Sam and Max.

I know that Vermont will be an experience and I am glad that we will be there for you.

Happy Birthday to you Dad.

I love you

Sam Tuttleman

Grandpop here is a list of what I think about you:
I love you very much and hope that you have a great 80th birthday

I love you

Max Tuttleman Anagram: GRANDPA

Grandpa you
Admired by me like I admire
No one else. I
Dream to be as
Patient, kind and as
Awesome as you.

Happy Birthday
I Love you

From Adam

Happy birthday! It is amazing to watch a man your age do the things you do.
In a world consumed by greed and vanity, it’s refreshing to know a man that gives so much.
Everyone who knows you must be proud to have such a generous friend.
Thank you for everything that you have done, Have a wonderful birthday
Love, Adam

From Justin

Wishing you a happy birthday and another fulfilling year.
Your generosity and prosperity go beyond writing.
I think it is wonderful that you have the opportunity to spend this birthday
with your whole family at your side,
so may this birthday is as special as ever and thank you for everything.
Love, Justin

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